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ByteAir Media is proud to be the sponsor Fried Gaming .com and we hope that this will help revive the competition aspect of gaming.
Fried Gaming is going to be a gaming league that will host events and gaming tournaments for multiple games, including Combat Arms. Byte Air believes that it is for the best interest [...]

We have decided to seperate our server enviornments. Every site except for will now be hosted by Dreamhost. will be moved to a Mediatemple (dv) server.
If you did notice already, got a make over! Go check it out! New skin. Mobile optimized. And more!
In other news, we plan to buy new scripts [...] is the first site finish the server transfer process. IG4L and the other sites will immediately follow.
ByteAir Media is currently in a redesign stage. Our designers and coders will be developing test versions for mobile sites and enhanced basic sites to increase site speed and performance. If you have any questions or comments, [...]



Today, we welcome to the family
and we begin our ByteAir Media Contest.

small steps


Welcome to ByteAir Media!
I am proud to announce that today is the official beginning of our journey. We will take small steps from here, but we will continue to run forward.
May peace be with you 

ByteAir Media


ByteAir Media is a network of online sites that provides information and news for the new generation of The Internet users, a Different Way.
Founded in early 2009 by Codename “Chhansen”, ByteAir Media currently owns and operates the following sites: – I Gamer 4 Life Forums – For All Your Gaming News! (Project Future Undecided) – [...]

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