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We believe your privacy is very important. To protect your privacy, we will inform you on how we use the information we collect.

ByteAir Media only collects you information when it is necessary. This is applied to the following cases:
(1) when registering at a site which required registration (2) when entering a contest (3) subscribing to email listings and fees (4) purchasing and selling | Registration is required to participate in many online activities such as posting, submitting, voting, games, and other usage of community boards.

ByteAir Media collects this information in order to provide a better environment for our visitors, and to make better use of feedback. This information can also be applied when sending and receiving items for contests or subscriptions. Your information is never sold to third party companies and will be kept private.

Visitors Under the Age of 13 are required to have permission from a parent or guardian before accessing any data from our website. This is to ensure the safety of the individuals and information collected will not be used to enhance marketing nor be used for advertising.

IP Addresses are collected to administrate and collect reports for our sites. The information from the IP address is never investigated, therefor your information is not accessed. IP Addresses are also collected in order to minimize spam and log user sessions.

Cookies are used to save information on your computer for a faster future visit. Cookies save your passwords and monitor you actions to adjust and speed up things the next time you visit a site. We never use cookies to dig through your computer or monitor you on anything other then our sites.
Occasional cookies you receive from our advertisers are not to be held responsible by ByteAir Media and these cookies are not subject to follow our policy. These cookies are a standard in the online web browsing world and will not harm you computer.

Links to Other Sites within the context of our sites are not held accountable by ByteAir Media. What happens on those sites are beyond our control and the user is warned to click at their own risk. These sites may have their own policies and cookies which you should be aware of as they may be different from ours. Some links include banner advertisements and links from third party members.

You must agree with these terms in order to browse our sites. If you do not accept these terms, we ask you to please stop using our sites.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. You may contact us with further questions.

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